I know you can make a Web Browser without using the default one .NET comes with, but how would I go about doing this?

Any tutorials or tips for this project?

Thank you!

Creating a web browser from scratch is an amazing feat, its hardly ever done by one programmer and a simple tutorial wouldn't cut it.

but if you really want to, a good place to start would be learning to parse HTML. this could be done several ways, but the problem is finding a fast way to do it. regular expressions just wouldn't cut it. plus this entails that you have a complete and in depth knowledge of HTML in the first place.

a good web browser is going to need to be able to parse html, dhtml, javascript, ect. Then when it comes to secure pages there's a whole new and complicated headache.

I guess if you were really serious about it you have 2 ways to get started. you can get the source for the actual webcontrol from .net and read up, or you could download the source for firefox and start transalting it into C#.

Best of luck.

Yeah I guess you're right, me and my friend would be working on this and we are both knowledgable in HTML and C#, so I guess this shouldn't be impossible.

FireFox runs off the Gecko engine, which I may look into, I'm not sure yet what that does for me and what it leaves out for me to do, but I'll report back here later.

Thank you!

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