newbie question,
Im trying to get a thumbnail picture on a html page to open a seperate (sized browser window (about 300/300 or so)-view Large version of the thumbnail. I'd like to specify a background image (if possible), but just trying to get an image to open first of all.. I found a java popup generator (AcePopupGenerator - free) and was trying to decipher it. The software request some info: Function name, Popup Name, size (where I specified the 300/300), position, and a list of options (location, directories, etc..) then it ask for the PopUp URL. Here is where Im a bit lost... So, do I have to create a html page for every Large image?

Here's a little background, maybe Im tackling this the wrong way ... not sure.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I have a frameset page that holds 3 sections. [Title (top), Nav (side)that remain the same] and Content frame (holds changing site content, ie. about.htm, contact, htm...etc. per user navigation) If user navigates to the gallery section. I have a html content page that has 5 thumbnail pics. I would like, when the user clicks on the thumbnail, A new window opens (300/300 or what ever) showing the larger image.

Please forgive my ignorance w/ java ... I've been teaching myself flash for the last few years, and my html skills have deminished a bit. So, maybe the free java code generator isn't what i need. mmmm... not sure. But basically the above paragraph expresses my final goal. Thanks for taking a look.

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If your just trying to link from one page to the other, couldn't you just use the anchor tag to link to a page with the large image? Or are you talking about creating that page only when needed?

Well... I understand the link tag... and actually that's what I was playing with, but I don't think that's the answer.
To better explain this... take a look at :
if ya go to the <application gallery> button (navigation -rightside) and then go to the <residential> link. I have one picture here... (there will be 5 pics, when I figure this out) and if you click on that picture ... the browser loads the large image. ok.. this is kinda right... but not so much.
I use Dreamweaver MX 2004 - just in case ya might ask.
This website is frames (bannerFrame, navFrame and contentFrame)

I have the src: http://www.pacificskyshades.com/pssGallery/res/thumb_2HyparPool.jpg
and I used the link

first of all, I was trying to get the large image to show inside the contentFrame (best case senerio - have the background defined as my gradent and have the image show centered in the contentFrame... but I dont know how to position the Large image - or do the background or a return to menu button) ... so... I thought it would be acceptable to just have the user click the thumbnail image, and have a seperate window (hopefully one I can specify a size of) open up with the large image.

But I tried using the Target ( _self, _top, _parent, and contentFrame.. but had no luck) with _blank at least it's opening in a new browser window... :rolleyes:

...but still far from the best case senerio. I thought I could use java to open a specified popup window... maybe have some control over the browser window that opens (size?... maybe background?... ) That's what Im looking for. Any thoughts? :)

Thanks for looking... too.


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