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have you tested it, did it work?

Microsoft said it would work so I'm sure it's fine--LOL. No, I did not test it.


Could you please test it for me? if that works i will add to your reputation for ten days.

It did not work for me either!--sorry. I will investigate further...


According to the MS documentation (for what it is worth), you cannot change the value of a private property from the command line. Now, in trying to determine which were private, I kind of got lost in the endless freaken links MS has there, but I believe I read something about the public ones being all uppercase, which leads me to believe ProductName is a private property--bummer. Regardless, I could not get that command line option to work for my test with my defined property anyway.

I'm not sure why you want to do this, but I suspect you are wanting to use the same setup for multiple products?

I got sidetracked, but I have read that you can accomplish this by creating a "transform" and then launching with a transform to change the property. I haven't had a chance to figure out what that entails--do you have any idea what that's about?


This example is outlined in VB code, but it gets the point across very well I believe. I am too tired to pursue this transformation of the DB. Check this out: customizing-installation-using-transforms

Again, since you didn't answer any questions, I have made assumptions that you have a need similar to what is described in this article: Reuse a single MSI

I hope that helps you reach your goal.



what are the questions that i didnt answer?
basically i need to set product name dynamically, that is all i need.

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