I have a big problem that I really hope experts from this sub-forum would make it small.

The new PC (see specs below) was recently been installed with the OS and I gave the user a limited account (administrator accounts are password protected for my use). The machine had been used normally and no problems reported for several days.

Then, one day, put simply, after the windows XP logo appears, my co-worker's PC hangs and shows nothing but a black screen. (Ctrl+Alt+Del won't work).

Now, I can't login to the system, because it always stop after the windows logo's blue progress bar "marquees" around 4 or 5 times.

The problem is that I need to get the documents from the desktop and my documents folder as soon as possible!!

Troubleshooting so far:
For some attempts, the "Windows did not start successfully" message greeted me with several choices to start windows: Safe Mode (SF), SF w/ Net, SF w/ Cmd prompt, Last known good config.., and Start normally. But none of the choices works. All safe modes always stop at the driver Mup.sys; 'Last known good..' and normal start up shows the black screen after the windows logo.

I did a chkdsk /r through the Recovery Console (through a WinXP SP2 installer CD) and it tells me that it found and fixed one or more errors. I tried again to boot the system but to no joy.

Then, I was able to look at the boot log (again, through Recovery Console. I'll post the file if I could be able to find a way to get them from the machine). Renamed from the orignal file C:\WINDOWS\ntbtlog.txt are the following:

  • ntbtlog1.txt - made after "Enable Boot Logging" F8 option
    The following drivers did not load: NDProxy.SYS, lbrtfdc.SYS, Sfloppy.SYS, i2omgmt.SYS, Changer.SYS, Cdaudio.SYS and PCIDump.SYS; The log ended up with Cdfs.sys loaded successfully.
  • ntbtlog2.txt - made after "Safe Mode w/ net support" option
    Several drivers are not loaded but logged in some kind of loop so that each of the not loaded drivers is listed several times. The log ended up with Cdfs.sys also loaded successfully.

I did a chkdsk /r again and it told me that it found unrecoverable problems.

Tried Safe Mode, then Normal start up. It still have the problem.

I did a chkdsk /r again. But now, it again tells me that it found and fixed one or more errors.

Tried Safe Mode, then Normal start up. It still have the problem.

The PC is under warranty and I can't get the HD to slave it to another machine. Taking the PC back to the shop would take several weeks (from Naga to Manila, then back), but we need the files as soon as possible.

Any ideas? Is it something to do with hardware problem? What should I do now to get the files?

My co-workers' PC specs:
Windows XP Professional XP SP3
used express update through windows update website.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E73000 2.66GHz 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache
Asus P5KPL-AM Motherboard with Intel G31 Chipset-Onboard Audio-Video-LAN
1GB PC6400 DDR2-800
80GB SATA HD 7200rpm (partitioned 30-50, w/ 30 for OS)
under warranty

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I'd suggest swapping the hard drive into another computer to copy files OR using a CD bootable linux distro to boot the system and move the files to a flash-drive or external HDD.

Then do a repair install on the system.


As what I have said, the HD shouldn't be swapped/slaved into another computer because the PC is still under warranty. I'd like to try your second suggestion. I haven't thought of that. :)

I'd be off for a while to search a bootable linux distro (do you have any links to that to spoon feed me :D), make one and let you know.

Thanks for the reply.

Good day.


Then do a repair install on the system.

I can't seem to find a repair install option in the CD installer that I have. Only a repair through the Recovery Console.. I guess I just have to full reformat the partition once I got the files.

Meanwhile, other suggestions are still welcome. Thanks.


Try this:
It can easily be installed on a flash drive, just make sure you have "boot to USB device" enabled in the bios. As to a repair install, if the PC didn't come with a recovery disk and has no recovery partition, you can usually take an XP CD and follow the instructions to install a fresh copy. Setup will see a previous installation and ask if you want to repair it. This will leave your iles intact.


Then, one day, put simply, after the windows XP logo appears, my co-worker's PC hangs and shows nothing but a black screen. (Ctrl+Alt+Del won't work).

If you jump in safe mode and search a file named boot.ini do you see as follows? :idea:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional - english" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

but if you need your document then jump in safe mode copy your important files to an usb and try to install a new xp it is a solution for more problem

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