I've a form that takes some input (various fields)
I must use those fields as fields of a record of a simple XML database file.

Mi xml file is like:
<record id="1">
...my fields...
<record id="2">
...my fields...

I simply must add a "new record" after the last one.

How I can do this thing? I'm using Tomcat & Xerces

I must validate the XML fragment, created from the HTML form, despite a given xml schema, how I can do this job?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my poor English!

1. It is usual work with files - read-write.
2. You will write anyway your own "parcer", but
when you try to read the content, it will be verified - do error handlers.
3. As example - one used vectors and cycles to read/write and
transfer information as files (customer requirement)
Good luck!