what i have done is i have allowed assume abc.com , apart from this if u enter any website in IE , the IE will get closed.

For this to happen i have used Timer control and in timer control i am checking the IE toolbar contents .

I am using the Findwindow function to find whether there exists an IE window or not, the thing is it worked fine for most of the website untill i got stuck at one place, which is for example
like above then if its too long , the IE window doesnt get closed

Why is that please help in finding the solution, what has long website has to do .

I just want options or ways in which IE can be closed forcefully, because checking and matching the website is happening properly but if the url is too long its not getting closed

not allowing to surf anything in mozilla , so i want to close mozilla if somebody tries to open it.

I have to do this by coding it in visual basic.

If you are just trying to keep user on website abc.com then when you retrieve the text of the controls/window you are monitoring, do you not only need to be able to check http://www.abc.com/somepage.asp?somequeryvalue=somethingoranother ?

Good Luck