How can one update automatically the tables in Ms Access such that once you input an item it is automatically viewed to other tables that are related to that particular table in relationship and the methods used to link Ms Access contents to Visual Basic Interfaces created according to the fields formed in Access tables?

As with any database and how you view the data contained therein, it is all in the options...

When you open your recordset, whether it be ADO, DAO, or RDO, you have the options of static or dynamic, and client or server side cursors. However, the use of these cursors will not only affect how your application behaves but it will also have adverse effects on your network.

So what does this mean (if you have not already gone Huh?) you ask?

Well first, lets make sure I have the problem you are trying to describe down.

CompA requests/recieves a recordset
CompB requests/recieves a recordset which is the same as CompA
CompA changes this data being viewed by both of these computers...
and your question is how to reflect those changes on CompB as soon as this happens...

If this is correct then so far so good on my end and the above does apply so read up on the cursors of the data access method that you are using.

Now for some other options as how to notify other computers that the data has changed.

A datetime field of last edit that can be checked against.
A system of messaging, whether it be with winsock, MSMQ, or other.
Perodic refreshing of recordset.

And probably a half dozen more ways, but each way, no matter which, will also increase network traffic. So, there is no easy answer as we do not know the specifics of your environment.

Good Luck