Hello everyone!

So as my first post, I would like to say I am in no way unfamiliar with Visual Basic or programming in general, but this Database integration is giving me quite a problem! lol

So basically I have a VB 2008 Project with a single form that displays a list of guitars that I have in a SQL Database. I made the Database inside of VB with the "Add Data Connection" option. It should also be known I know very little about SQL in general. The information in the columns is placed in its own text box to be displayed.

My problem is I can not figure out how to "Add" or "Delete" Records to/from my Database.

My original plan was to have the Binding Source Navigator work all these functions for me. The Add worked fine (as long as you did not leave any necessary boxes blank), and Delete worked to an extent. I added a simple "Double Check" box that asked if they are sure they wanted to delete the entry. But no matter your answer, it deleted it anyways. So I decided it would be easier to just move the Add and Delete functions to command buttons.

Problem there is, I have no clue on how to even start. And all my "Googling" can not provide me with an adequate answer.

I will be happy to get some Code and Pics of the project to simply what I am saying as soon as my VMWare Fusion is updated and working.

Oh Im a Mac user, did I mention that? :) haha

Thanks in advance everyone!

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for some reason it did a double post. sry

Thank you very much sir. She helped me work out my Delete function in about 10 minutes. I am still struggling with my Add function but I have not had a whole lot of time to sit down and really play with it all yet since I watched a few of those vids.

I appreciate your quick response, and useful to boot! haha

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