Hi Team,

I have multiple shell scripts created(already prepared), but my Project Manager insisted me to run/call the script as one script..
Script1-"It finds whether file exist or not"
Script2-"It replace a word in a file"
Script3-"it searches the line and linenumber of a file"

i need to run jst one script(main) which will perform all the scripts to execute.. How is it done

Thanks for your patience!


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What's the trouble?
In its simplest form, create another executable script with three lines of text, where each line is the absolute path to those three scripts.

Hi can u pls expalin as to how to call the scripts and name it absolute paths..

As all the above scripts are interactive..
I might be asking u bit wired question, but pls assist me to my desired result...


Main script (main.sh):



echo "Script 1"


echo "Script 2"


echo "Script 3"

Results in:

sk@svn:/tmp/daniweb/s$ ./main.sh
Script 1
Script 2
Script 3
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