guys am stuck if anybody can help me i will be very gratefull. i need a project proposal for a school library system ,currently the library is using paper system and am supposed to design a system in vb6.Am a student on attachment and the proposal is needed as soon as possible because i need to submit it
thank you guys .

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GoTo the school or public library and watch how the transactions are made. Write down, step by step, how a typical transaction goes. Talk with the employees there and find out the steps they go through for each and every transaction. Then, figure out the five W's. Who, what, when, where, and why. Why is always money spent and saved in labor and equipment. Who is the current employees and how much more productive they can be and perhaps the reduction in labor by X% because of the automation. What has to be done to implement this new system (barcoding books and the initial data entry of current inventory). When is project timeline to completion of each phase of project and how much estimated time it will take to complete each phase.

Good Luck

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