OK, so i'm trying to write some code to save a file in my default documents library in windows 7... This is not C:\Users\username\Docuements as is default... I have added another folder in my root D:\ to handle documents.

Normally when I save a file using word or any other program, it will save it to the correct location (D:\Documents), however the code I am using Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal) is always returning C:\Users\username\Documents.. and I don't want my files to be saved there. Does anybody know how to get it to save to the D drive folder? I ask this because I want this program to be portable on other systems (including non windows 7) so it will go to their my documents as required.

The problem is that I don't want to use a dialogue box... What i'm doing is making a program to automate the backup of my USB stick when I plug it in - it will automatically copy all the files from it to a folder in my documents... Its just that the location of "my documents" is up in the air, between XP and 7.

turns out I could not find any solution to this problem - the only method that would work is to change the location of my documents on my PC to point to the same location as my "library". Unfortunate.

You could use a directory selector dialog to allow overriding of the my documents path. Once a user overrides it then you could save the value in your application's config file so you won't have to deal with the dialog again. You would have automation and portability.