My first post here and I have a strange one. I have a vb.net 2008 form that sends and email along with an attachment.

I want to offer up a list of available email address to choose so my user doesn't make a typo.

Problem is the email addresses are not part of any GAL / group because they are from outside the company. However if my user begins to type the email address such as xyz outlook begins to make suggestions such as xyz@anothercompany.com; xyz@noinagroup.com because my user has either sent them an email in the past or recieved one. Or if the user types a name outlook will suggest.
Jon Doe <jdoe@mycompany.com>
Jon D. Doe <jondoe@hiscompany.com>

My question, where does outlook keep this list and how can I retreive it using vb. I know how to get the Global Address book and the other contacts but I need the list of emails that are not associated with any groups but are in outlook.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in Advance.

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Well I have since figured out it appears to keep it in some type of history file called a .nk2. This isn't a normal text file so does anyone by any chance a routine for reading a .nk2 file. I can probally parse it once I am to read it.

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