in vb.net 2008, i have no idea what this means

error: the item "obj\debug\associateassist.frmdbsetup.resources" was specified more than once in the "resourceS" parameter. duplicate items are not support by the "resources" parameter.

does anyone know what might cause this error / how to go about fixing it.

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i am new to vb.net but i noticed this:
i renamed a form frmdbconnection.vb to frmdbsetup.vb
now i have a frmdbconnection.resx and a frmdbsetup.resx both with the same image file inside of them

i i remove the old frmdbconnection.resx and just leave the frmdbsetup.resx would this correct my issue?

not sure - i don't want to remove files if i'm going to need them, not sure what the outcome is going to be.

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