Just start a new Windows Forms Application and change the Form1 constructor to this code(which was copied from MSDN)

public Form1()
            // Create the calendar.
            MonthCalendar monthCalendar2 = new System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar();

            // Set the calendar location.
            monthCalendar2.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(50, 50);

            // Change the color.
            monthCalendar2.BackColor = System.Drawing.SystemColors.Info;
            monthCalendar2.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(
                                     ((System.Byte)(192)), ((System.Byte)(0)), ((System.Byte)(192)));
            monthCalendar2.TitleBackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Purple;
            monthCalendar2.TitleForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Yellow;
            monthCalendar2.TrailingForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(
                                     ((System.Byte)(192)), ((System.Byte)(192)), ((System.Byte)(0)));

            // Do not show the "Today" banner.
            monthCalendar2.ShowToday = false;

            // Do not circle today's date.
            monthCalendar2.ShowTodayCircle = false;


My problem is that the color changes don't show and I wonder why.
I feel like I'm omitting something, but having searched here, there and everywhere I am stuck. Is it my OS?(Vista)
Thanks in advance for any enlightment on this.:S

Yes, Danny, it's Vista problem (Aero, and Vista basic) color scheme, if you turn it into Windows Classic it'd work.

Or, remove Vista style

        static void Main()
            Application.Run(new Form1());
Offered a plethora of solutions to the problem!

Thanks Ramy!
I indeed have Vista Basic.
Your suggestions all work, so I consider this as solved.
Thanks again!

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