Just downloaded Office 2010 to see what changes have been made in the VBA environment and all looks well. But i am having a big problem typing in my code! as soon as i type something it appears in red, it autocorrects so fast that if i type .range("A1") it automatically puts a space inbetween range and ( so the cursor ends up before the second bracket and i have to move the cursor to carry on typing. Then it gets worse! if i then put *space* = *space* i find it automatically deleting my spaces and just deleting what i typed!

this is rediculous! on the surface no changes have been made so why is this happening? i realise it is just a beta product but all major issues like this should have already been corrected before hand, surely?

Anyway i just wanted to see if anyone else is having these issues?

Well..... After weeks of tedious options and box checking the flippin design button wasnt selected!!! god damn the simply fixes, always looking for the complex solutions!

sigh.... back to proper working i guess

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