for eg. I have a ListBox with these items: abc1 abc20, abcd
now i want to search and separate the only text which contain integers to a textbox.

Can anyone help please

You will need a for loop from zero (0) to listcount-1 to retireve the strings from the list box.
THen you will need a for loop from 1 to len of the string returned, and in this loop you will need to use the Isnumeric Function to test each character by retrieving that character with the Mid Function.
Once you have found IsNumeric to be true, then you know this entry has a number but if you reach the end of the string then you know it does not have a number in it.

NOTE: if you are wanting to remove one or the other items from the list box then I would suggest the first or outer loop should go from listcount - 1 to 0 step -1...

Good Luck