Hi everyone. I'm new to Python and programming in general. I'm currently reading this tutorial. In the scripts section he mentions "setting the path" and that it needs to be done in order for scripts to work.

How do I set the path in Windows XP?


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He means that windows must be able to find the file 'python.exe'. To set the path environment variable, follow the steps described here to be able to edit the Path variable, then at the end of the line of this path variable, append something like ;C:\... (where you replace the dots by the path to the folder containing python.exe on your system. Something like C:\python26\

Also note that your tutorial is old and incomplete. You should probably read 'Dive into python' or Swaroop's tutorial.

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If you install Python using the Windows binary installer file (.msi), than you don't have to worry about setting the path.

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