could anyone please help me with this1. Create a simple Times Table program which will allow the user to enter an integer value n (between 1 and 20) into a textbox. On the click of a button output to a label the n times tables. Use a For…Next loop to perform the repetition.

i can output them to a list box but only last one to a label ive been stuck for 3 days any help would be much appreciated

I have a solution here, but this sounds like homework. Post your code and we'll see if we can tell you where you could improve it.


Have you thought about using an empty placeholder in your aspx page, and then populating it dynamically when the user presses the button?

What you need is this:

in your aspx:

<asp:Placeholder runat="server" id="phTimesTable"></Placeholder>

(this will be in effect an empty box, but the placeholder by its own nature can contain a collection of controls - which you can manage through code).

Then in your code behind attached to the button:

for i=1 to 12
   Dim strPrintOnScreen as String = i & " x " & me.tbUserInput.Text &  " = " & i * me.tbUserInput.Text 
   Me.phTimesTable.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<p>" & strPrintOnScreen & "</p>")

(You may want to validate that the input is a valid number or the multiplication will crash).
This way you add a <p></p> for each entry, but you can use the add(New literalcontrol) to add any valid html.