I am very new to java and have to create a programme to average data.

The scope is as follows:

I have two .txt files with collumns of data:

file1.txt is something like

2 xxx xxx xxx
3 xxx xxx xxx
4 xxx xxx xxx
100 xxx xxx xxx

file2.txt is


what i need to do is read in both files and average the columns of 2, 3 and 4 from file1.txt, but with refernce to file2.txt, i.e. take the data in column 2 (file1) and it average it for all values between 10 and 20, and again between 20 and 30. Not sure that makes sense, it is quite difficult to explain.
- file1 is a fine resolution, while file2 is a coarser resolution reference (column 1 in both files indicate the resolution) and I want to change the columns 2, 3 and 4 to the same refernce scale as file2 by averaging the data.

I have looked at some basic averaging which will read in some data, average it and output the result, but this problem is a bit more complex.

So what I want to end up with is

outputfile.txt which looks like

10 yyy yyy yyy
20 yyy yyy yyy
30 yyy yyy yyy
100 yyy yyy yyy

, where yyy is the averaged data from xxx.

Anybody understand any of that?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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is there anything you need help with specifically? we are not here to do your homework, so unless you have a more specific question then forget about it


fair enough - i understand nobody wants to do other people's work for them, but that's not what I am after it. i just wanted some pointers to set me in the right direction.
The problem is quite complicated and I have looked at all the text book samples which only cover basic averaging.

i only started using java last week with no tuition, just reading a java book and looking at examples. I am working on the problem at will try come up with something, if/when I have something more specific I will post back again.

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