Hello guys. Could you like to help me to make a button browser ?
I made the FORM , but i don't know what code to write , like when i press the GOOGLE button , to open my browser at http://google.com.


Thank you guys.

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You can make use of the WebBrowser control you find in your toolbox when you are in design mode.

But i don't want to use the Toolbox WebBrowser ... I want like when i press the Google Button , to open my browser at http://google.com

It's that possible ?

Thank you very much ...

Btw , at a Toolbox button ( hotkey ) it's possible like when i press CLICK 2 on him to do something ? Or only for CLICK 1 ?

I do like this:

ProcessStartInfo info = new ProcessStartInfo("http://mywebsite.com");
            info.UseShellExecute = true;
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