I have a large picturebox of house plan, with several textboxes for the notices (need to be edited by the user in run time).

after everything is done, I want to save that picturebox with the textbox inside it into .jpg file.

My question is: how can I do it?
paintpicture won't be effective in this case :(

You will need to set the picture boxes scalemode to vbpixels. Then using the currentx/y properties, you can then print the text to the graphic using the left/top property of the textbox as a guide for the currentx/y properties. You might also want to use the me.textwidth just in case your textbox is multiline but no carrage returns are entered.

After that, the save picture function will only save the graphic as a bitmap,... but there is code out there that will convert a bmp file to a jpeg file or there is code out there that will take the current picture displayed and save it as a jpeg file. Alls you need to do is to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to search for something like... vb6 save as jpeg, vb6 convert bmp jpeg, and so on...

Good Luck