Hi all,
am working in vb6. I have a situation wherein i have to open many files together and keep it in a folder and then start runnin one by one continously without any break. i have the codes for opening a single file and runnin it... how can i accomplish this...any suggestions please???

How do you open a file now?

Hi Sindu,
You are welcome to paste your codes if possible( Code for Opening file). What type of file you are opening? Do you mean to say closing previous opened file when new file is opened? Be more with your question.


i am opening files of format *.fts... as per the code i have now i can open a file and run it... now i have to run many files continously without any break... suppose there are three files i have to select the three, then wen i press the run button, the first must run, after first finishes runnin, the second must run and then after second finishes runnin the third must run and after all the three has run the results must be generated...any ideas pleas???

Once again, as I am repeating both WaltP and kinwang2009,...

What method do you use to open the file(s) in question presently???


FreeFile Function
Open Statement
Input Function Or Line Input Function
Close Statement

Or via the API CreateFile, or FSO, or are you actually using the API ShellExecute or intrinsic Shell functions to spawn another process to open the file for you????

it opens the file by a native method after loading it...

How can it open after loading???

it opens the file by a native method after loading it...

SHOW US THE F'ING CODE! How many times do we have to ask?!?!?