a requirement was sent to me below:

API should be in the form of static library. company xxx will link the library into a third party application to prevent any possible exposure of the code(dll)

could they mean an import library? An import library is a library that automates the process of loading and using a dynamic library. On Windows, this is typically done via a small static library (.lib) of the same name as the dynamic library (.dll). The static library is linked into the program at compile time, and then the functionality of the dynamic library can effectively be used as if it were a static library.

this might be what they might be eluding to.....I am not sure how to make this in vs2008 .

Additional facts: I have a static lib that i use in my current application. Now, I have to convert my app that uses that static lib into an import lib so that they can use a third party prog to access the API's they providede me which in turn will use that static lib i am using.

I hope I am clearly explaining this. I am just not sure how to go about it in vs2008. I am looking for specific steps to do this. I already have the coding done. Just need to convert it into the form they are asking and I have to provide the API they want. Other than that then I need to create a test prog which will act as that third party prog so I can make sure my import library works.

>>API should be in the form of static library.

There are two kinds of libraries -- static libraries and import libraries (or dlls). When you create a new win32 project you have a choice of Windows Application, Console Application, DLL or Static Library. Choose the last one.

I suppose they want you to convert your program into a DLL, which uses the static library you already have. How to do that will depend on your application program.