I have found a tutorial that will teach me how to set up my first Database, but the first thing it tells me to do is right-click on the Data Connections Icon within Database Explorer and choose "Create New SQL Server Database" ... unfortunately, this option is greyed out, so I am assuming I have to choose "Add Connection" first ...

This gives me 3 options :

  • Microsoft Access Database File
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database File

I am ignoring the first option as I want to use SQL not Access, but what is the difference between the two SQL options ?!?

Can somebody please let me know, in straightforward English ?!?

Thanks in advance ...

OK, I've managed to find out elsewhere !!!

If anybody else wants to know, this is the answer :

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 is compact edition of SQL server used to make mobile applications that can run on all Windows platforms including Pocket PC, and Smartphone.

Microsoft SQL Server Database File is used if you want to make a connection to an .mdf file.

You do realize that this doesn't connect you to a sql server it only connects you to the database file. So you can only connect one person at a time for your application. I am trying to create an app in the same program and that is the problem I am running into. The express version doesn't give you the wizard to connect to a sql server, but if you can figure out how you can manually code the connection it will work. I don't know the purpose of your application, but most of the things I am looking at makes this a big issue.

If this helps great, otherwise sorry for the babbling.