Hey guys,
Once again i need help and this time i have no idea how to do it. I would love it if someone could help me out here =) . Basically what i want to do is open a txt file using openfiledialog which i have set out and using seperators to assign them into listbox1 and listbox 2.

I think you may have to use regex for this but I am not sure how I can do this. I want one of the sides to show the gmail account names (daniweb@gmail.com) and the other side to show the password which are both being grabbed from the txt file. E.g
The text file list will be like this -
I want all the gmail accounts to go to list box 1 and all the passwords to goto list box 2. the ":" should act as a seperator but i donot know how to do this.

Thanks in advance. Any responses will be highly appreciated.

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Hey man ,
Thanks for that but i cannot seem to code it. Could you please give some examples to help me out. Thank you so much

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