When you preview VB Output printed reports by going through BJ Preview, because report is quite wide the report comes out in Landscape but unfortunately shows on the screen straight down. To read the report you then need to turn your head 90 degrees, sideways, which is not the most comfortable. Does anyone know if BJ Preview can in fact be made to display the screen preview accross the screen, so that it is readily readable. Is the BJ Preview software owned by MICROSOFT, is there a version that does what I have described or other sodtware that gives a preview with the capability to rotate the layout. Cheers

By way of clarification the page layout is correct and prints to the printer correctly, as I want; also I can do a PRINT SCREEN and paste into paint, then I can view the report after rotating it 270 degrees, but there is distortions to this. I would have thought with wider screen becoming the norm that the ability to view a landscape VB Preview page report accross the page would be the usual rather than the abnormal. Print is perfect after VBprogrammer outlined TAB and SPC format instructions. It would be nice to know if anyone has solved this problem. Cheers

>Is the BJ Preview software owned by MICROSOFT...

Never heard of BJ Preview and with a quick search of my first friend (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing), did not return anything worth looking at on the first page, but I can say that this thread was the top two listings.... (Horray for daniweb :))

So best bet is to ask your boss where the software came from and do they have a web site. Then if they have a web site, do they have a forum or support system or frequently asked questions area...

And if you do find out who or what made the control, it would be nice if you posted it here...

Good Luck

Being a near 80 year old computer nerd I no longer have a BOSS.
I have no idea where it came from and presumed it was part of the Software originally installed, either as part of the CANON PIXMA 3000 driver installation, most likely or part of VB.
Well I'll be blowed, when I clicked on the < About > button on the BJ Preview screen it came up with:-

Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000
Version 1.80.A
Copyright Canon Inc2000-2004
All Rights Reserved

So I will direct my request to Canon and see what transpires. Many thanks once again. Will advise if they give any news about its likely update or not. Cheers.