hello, can you help me how can i put icon in my message box is it possible to put icon on message box.?...hoping for your positive responds...

massage box has some default icon. you can use it. like:

Msgbox "This is an Information box", vbinformation, "Information

when you write this code then you will see all type of msg. like: vbcritical, vbquestion, vbexclamation, vbinformation

Yes it is possible by using the windows msgbox API's. This will however leave you open to numerous errors if you do it wrong. I found it much easier to write my own message box which is much nicer than windows version. Try it and see if it works for you.

hello sir thank you for the reply...i have question how did you make the outline the blue color....or the border line...can you teach me how did you make that....hoping for your positive responds....

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Abu had it right, that is the shape control. You can set its border width, colour, shape, fill colour etc through the properties on the right hand side.

Is this message box working for you?

sir thank you for the reply..i click the form and i looked down to the properties and i did not found the shape control..only the scaleheight,scalemode,scaleleft,scaletop etc..,..i did not found sir the shape control...can you please help me..hoping for your positive responds..

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hello sir, thank you for the reply. and helping me..i found it sir..by the d way sir how did you put picture or attach..can you teach me sir..thank you in advance hoping for your positive responds...

I have added a image control to the form. On its properties to the right you can select the picture you like included. Here you can choose any picture you like, or you can add a few pictures to an image list control and then call the appropriate image from there. The image list control can be added by right clicking on your control panel, select components and then select MS Common controls 6 (SP6). You can also set its stretch property to true or false, depending on the size you would like the user to see.

To attach pictures to your post, or to attach a zip file, use the go advanced button below. Then you will be given the options to attach pictures and files...

Good Luck

hello sir thank you for the reply. i found it sir thank you for helping me...

hello sir i have some problem, how can i remove the existing white background of my form..i look your program and it is 4 rounded square border..but there is and existing white background when i compile..just like the same with the one that i make..there is also an existing white background in the edges of form..how to remove this or not be visible when this program be compile..hoping for your positive responds.

for default back color (in properties) you can select button face (system tab).

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