Greetings Everyone,

I have several forms in my project and I have set the IsMdiContainer property to True on my main form.

This project also is not using a menu system. Instead I'm using a 3rd party ribbon control with buttons that call the other forms in the project.

Can you tell me how to set the other existing forms in the project as MDI child forms?



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Dim frm as New From1
frm.MdiParent=Me  'Reference of MDI Parent


In addition Adatapost has written:

You need to create a parentform, to do so you can use Form1 and rename it parentform.vb. Then you need to set the property IsMDIContainer = true. When you add a new form to your application you'll see that it will create a Form1 again. Then use Adatapost's code.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the replies.

They are very helpful.


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