:( im new in vb.net
i read some tutorial i still dont understand on how to retrieve data from
sql server into datagrid. can someone teach me on how to set it.
if got easy tutorial for me also can

i have a button call "retrieve" and when i click it i want it to retrieve data
from table chosen and display it in datagrid

Re: VB.NET datagrid. urgent! 80 80

First of all hello, welcome to the forums, Secondly, why did you post you message in code tag.

Third of all please read this:

If it solves your problem please mark as solved.


Re: VB.NET datagrid. urgent! 80 80

thanks.it have been resolved.im sorry this is my first post here.so noob i am T_T.anyway thanks finito!

Re: VB.NET datagrid. urgent! 80 80

nps please mark as solved.

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