I need to somehow open and read a picture of a map (jpg/png/bmp) into a 2d array so I can use the array to determine what terrain type is at that element/position on the map.

Looking for tut's on working with picture files (jpg/png/bmp) with c++ I have found none.

If anyone can send a useful link or help me directly I will worship said person/s and build an altar to them.

Are you trying to load the files by yourself? because if not, you could load the image with sdl then swipe the pixels from the SDL_Surface structure and store it into an array like you said.
It's really too bad you aren't working with .tga, because tga's are extremely easy to load. here's a tutorial to load a tga: link I know you can't do tga, but it'll give you an idea of how to work with images. I would use wikipedia to find the structure of a .bmp file, as they are the easiest of your list. Hope that helped

@ Coder Okay thanks I will look at that bmp link now.

I wrote this (nicked it) to open and read the file but
I don't know if the picture is read by rows or columns.
If anyone know's that would be fantastic.

void Generate::rm()
std::ifstream fs("c:\\PITW\\map.png", std::ios::in|std::ios::binary);

if (!fs) {
// failed to open file - do something about it
std::cerr << "unable to open image";

char c;
while ( fs.get( c ) )
std::cerr << " " << c << " ";


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