I've been designing a bookStore, tought it's not an easy task. It has been sweating me for no reason,errors pop up in correct statement.

An error pops up saying compliation error: member or method not found in line


here is the full code:

Private Sub Command3_Click()
    Dim Deposit As Single
    Dim currentDate As Date
    Deposit = Text3.Text
    currentDate = DateValue(Today)
    dataDeposit.Recordset.Edit <=== here
    dataDeposit.Recordset.Fields("depositAmount").Value = Deposit
    dataDeposit.Recordset.Fields("depositID").Value = ID
    dataDeposit.Recordset.Fields("studentID").Value = ID
    dataDeposit.Recordset.Fields("date").Value = currentDate
End Sub

Do you see anything out of normal?

Yes, that is one of the things implemented with ADO and the ADODC. You do not need to call the edit method like you need to with DAO or the DATA control as it does not exist. Just remove it, the edit line that causes the error, and everything should work fine.

Good Luck

just remove this line