hi all...

I am a student and but working as a php developer...my desire is be a good skillful Software Engineer. I am currently following php and java too. but my mind say try to learn C++ also..

ok good

01. How I start my C++ career.
02. What is the best and free and open tool for develop application in C++.
03. What is the best resources should I follow.

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To answer your questions:
1. Just do it. Start programming. I'm sure it wouldn't be that huge a leap for you coming from a PHP/Java background. Start with the humble "Hello World" program, and head out from there...
2. A quick search on google or sourceforge will provide you with loads of IDE'S you can use. Just STFW (no offence :) ). Personally I prefer to use Codeblocks and Microsoft's Visual C++ Express Edition IDE.
3. This site has tons of resources. Have a look at the "Snippets" Section in the forums. Apart from that, there are millions of resources available on the net. Again, google will light the way :D

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Than you very much....your advice I am appreciate it..

Ok Actually your correct...My first Programming language is pascal...but I did not learn it lot, but it gave me a good idea of what is the programming. it is great. And after I have learnt php and now I am following SCJP but I have to learn much.
Your perfectly correct I should start it just printing "Hello World" and I am kindly beg you.please stay with me as my shadow..because I am a still a plant in this huge Programing world...I am always need you and persons who are greatest in this field

Thank you
And Cheers...

Umanda Jayo Badara


Try to use google as much as possible, you can all the answer's of your queries.

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