i am doing project in VoIP in Java...
I am using Swing for designing purpose..

so i want to design the screenings by using GUI Builders for swing..

i need ur help that what r the different GUI builders..?
which one is best and simple and also where i get that....?

pls reply me..


hi gokul
you can try jbuilder. it is good. you can also try visual age for java
both are good ones. Free ones like net beans and eclipse with plugin are also worth trying

VA Java was terrible and has at last met its overdue demise a few years ago with the release of WSAD.

JBuilder is the ONLY one I've used in 8 years of working with Java that produces code that's close to being passably human readable (and of course JBuilder is the only one that offers true two-way development).

All that said, the best GUIs are created by hand. GUI builders are nice for prototyping but as soon as things get complicated (like components that need to be dynamically shown as a function of other components or options) they fail.
And the code they produce is rarely more than marginally efficient.

Hi everyone,

the best GUIs are created by hand

This is why since the release of the first java version of awt i have always used a Java ide that has no gui builder not because i am technically backward but its because its the best way of doing things.

Richard West

what I sometimes do is create a prototype in the GUI builder of JBuilder to get somewhere towards the basic layout and then heavily modify it by hand.
Especially easy for getting the core components of the screen laid out like the menubar, toolbar, and statusbar, which are fairly static :)

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