are there any?

i tried searching it up but it isnt what i need.

u see i am making a visual basic 6 game for myself. i have the whole layout set up but i want the picture called picmario to jump up and then go back down. hopefully u will understand? xD

like if u have played a super mario game u know if mario jumps he goes right back down...sorta like gravity. i wannt to incorport this into my game.

also if he on a ledge or something i dont want him sinking down. do u guys know a website/link that could aid an amature vb6 guy in his game with this problem?

thank you and have a nice day~

There are several mario like clones out there, search on those (vb6 mario game) returned some interesting results from my friend yahoo as did vb6 calculating gravity in game and vb6 collision detection...

Good Luck