Respected Seniors,
I have no knowledge about creating report in Crystal Report. Kindly tell me step by step process for making crystal report and what application need for install on my system current time i have vb 6.0 and ms office 2003.

Thanks in advance.

Crystal Reports (CR) has a set of instructions in the help files for nearly every programming language it is compatible with and for each type of database it is compatible with. You might also want to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to search for vb6 ado tutorial. Then once you have that down, you could goto a DSN Less connection string, see

Good Luck

Well, first you need a Crystal Report. Their are different version of Crystal Report (Just search it on the internet). If you want a free one, I think you can search the older version of it version 4.5 i guess, This was release as an Add In in Visual Basic so you can use it for free.

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