i m a bsc-it student and need some good project topic in vb...plzz suggest me some topics..

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If your wanting to do image processing, make a program that counts how many blue pixels are in an image, or how many other colors are in an image. Or a find and replace pixels based on their RGB value.

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I am also a student, going into 2nd semester. I have a plethora of ideas for projects. Project TOPICS though? Here's a few ideas...

1. RTB NoteTaker

Pops up a RichTextBox that stays on top of all other windows/forms for notetaking and copy-pasting purposes. Perhaps topic would be about RTB functions. Similar to a StickyNote apps.

2. Name That MP3

Plays a snippet of audio from a collection of MP3s and requests input for answer. Compares answer to filename and/or ID tags.

These are just off the top of my head, hope the ideas help spark something for you. Be aware that MP3 are more difficult to code for than WAV files, though.


thanks TommyRay...but these topics r too difficult....
and whats this trademark checker s/w?????
can it be done in vb...

trademark checker s/w... I am not too sure but after a quickie look from Google search it has to do with checking for a Trademark to avoid patent violations.

"Use of Checker prior to filing Sequence Listings has resulted in fewer Sequence Listing errors discovered by USPTO, therefore fewer Sequence Listings returned to Applicants for correction"

As far as the projects, you could try simpler ideas like:

A. Secret Word

Form with a single Input (Can be single line input or an entire textarea) can ask for input from user (ie; Describe Yourself) and have a routine to search the text for a secret word (ie; 'developer' or 'married' or whatever) and, if found, display an Alert box with a message as a result.

BTW you could use this routine for future apps you might create as well. This should be quite simple to do. If you get stuck, or have questions, search engines are a great place to start your research. You may wish to add 'vb.net' to the search query.

B. App Launcher

To use for yourself, this could be a form full of buttons that have your most used applications hooked to them. (ie; Browser, VB, Notepad++, etcetera) This may be useful for bringing up everything you need for a specific purpose.

For example, for development, you can have a 'launch panel/form/app' to load in a search engine in a browser, editors like notepad++, DaniWeb website in a browser, code references and more.

Again, these are off the top of my skull, but B is the easiest since it only needs 1 or 2 specific lines of code to perform, only repeated for each button you create.

okk fine....but these r too easy once..and d 2nd topic is a part of my frnds project so cant go for it...
how about image processing...?????

Image Processing is much more difficult, depending on what your goal is with it. I would suggest working with the 1st idea (#1) as an easier project actually. It all depends on what you know and have learned, and since I don't know what that would entail, I'm hard pressed to suggest anything 'do-able' according to your current abilities/knowledge. Keep in mind I am also a "n00b", but in my 1st semester I learned all I need to know to handle Project #1 as well as all the others I had mentioned. "Easy" is totally reliant on "Ability" and "knowledge". It may be easy to throw a softball, but not for an amputee or an autistic person, for example. Hope something here helps! If not, perhaps perusing around and doing searches for code snippets might spark an idea. Good luck!!

can you plzz explain me in broader terms what is this RTB NoteTaker which u suggested???????
i have approx. 8-9months for making the project...

actually i am studding vb now...but even i have to submit the project topic now without knwing d lang in deeper sense...so i find a bit difficult to understand the topics suggested by you...

If your wanting to do image processing, make a program that counts how many blue pixels are in an image, or how many other colors are in an image. Or a find and replace pixels based on their RGB value.

acan anyone explain me what is exactly computer remote monitoring s/w i mean how to make it in vb..some idea....????

i want some topic for my last year mca project in .net can u

m in tybscit n i wnt 2 gv topic 4 project 2morow......plz suggest me sum topics...mostly i'll go 4 vb.net and sql....but gv me all d topics...

plz any project topic in vb.net,java

hello everyone.
can u plzz suggest me any new project in Image Processing..

there r many topics in vb.net such as:
1.online test system(a s/w for any kind of exam like entrance,apti test based on timer)
2.pathology laboratory system(s/w that handles d laboratory records n generates d reports)
3.school management system
4.library management system
5.crime management system
6.hospital management system
7.payroll management system
8.bank management system
9.automatic timetable generator for classes

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