Hello programmers :)

I'm new to the c# world as I only have c/c++ programming skills ... I needed a consultation for my graduation project ... any intervention is much appreciated :)

I'm thinking about a program that automatically obtains the results of a multiple-choice-exam (auto correction)... it takes scanned exam-paper, identifies the correct answer for every question and gives the overall result.

As I have no clue how to do this ... I was just thinking about topics from image processing and artificial intelligence ... I want my program to identify a certain shape (circle) -> a blank circle = no answer, a colored circle = answer ... and I want it to read and understand human hand-writing.

I am struggling to get it done :( ... maybe edge detection and neural networks is the place to start ? ... I have no idea ! ... S.O.S PLZ.

Graduation project?
>>I'm new to the c# world as I only have c/c++ programming skills ...
Use the skills you have, if you have to do it in C#: START LEARNING IT!!!
As a matter of fact you are a graduate student, right? Or am I just a moron getting it all wrong?

commented: You're no moron ddanbe +4

no i'm not a graduate student (not for another 7 months);) ... and yes i have no skills with c# and that is why i'm starting working earlier :( .. no one uses c/c++ these times to do a graduation project !! .. c# is not the problem for me, my problems are with image processing and artificial intelligence .. these two are big topics and i wont need them all .. i just want the procedure in D.I.P to identify shapes and how to train my program for handwriting recognition .. I need articles, books, anything about those two particular subjects to start with .. algorithms (psuedo code) would be helpful too :)

Why did you not explain that in the first place.
Do not know if it helps but this book may be of interest. It also contains url(http://eve.uj.ac.za/gfxbook) where you can download some source code in C#.

thank you very much mr.ddanbe ... I'll give it a try, see if the book is available as an ebook online because gitting those books here in Jordan is complicated.

another question : does c# language have predefined libraries/classes that deal with images (image processing) ... if yes, can you provide articles about the subject please.

I googled this one a week ago .. thanks anyway :)

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