Have been programming in Turbo C for some time using an XP platform. I have recently bought a new computer also with XP and Turbo C programmes will not run on it. Has XP been modified recently? Is there any solution other than going back to 98?



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Did it not occur to you that you can upgrade to a more modern compiler? You should be aware that C is no longer the same language it was when Turbo C came out. Not to mention compilers in general have improved drastically in the last twenty years.

Turbo C is a toy. an outdated, deprecated toy. No credible software developer or company uses it. Toss that junk out into the garbage pile where it belongs. Get a modern development environment with a real compiler.

Code::Blocks, for example, is a very popular free IDE. It can use any compiler including MSVC. One very nice option comes with the MinGW compiler, which is standard C used extensively in the industry.

Go get it now.

Turbo C is certainly not a toy. It is however so heavily outdated it has no use in the tools arsenal of anyone who's currently programming unless (s)he is maybe maintaining a 20 year old piece of embedded software that can't be compiled without it.

If you have Windows XP 32 bit, you will be able to run the Turbo C programs and IDE, on it. If you have the 64 bit version of Windows XP, then I don't believe you can run Turbo C, because it's 16 bit software.

You could perhaps use something like FreeDOS to give you the essential environment.

By all means, if it's possible, move up to Code::Blocks and a modern C compiler. I love Turbo C, but it has passed it's "use by" date.

Turbo C is certainly not a toy

well, i'll agree that it didn't use to be, but that was 20 years ago. but okay, perhaps "toy" is imprecise. Let me rephrase:

"Turbo C is a curiosity."

Museum quality.

Thanks guys. I am an amateur programmer and didn't realize I was so out od date. I will try code::blocks. Hope it is not too different from the Turbo C I know and love!!


Botm my computers have windows XP version 5.1 so presumably are both the same bit systems.

My new computer does have gaming graphics + DVI (whatever that is). Could this be the cause of the different performance of the two machines ? Not a feature I use myself but it came with the package.

Cliff hassall

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