i am currently making a game i am rushed and cant put much more. basics:
im 14 and do not have company
need good C++ programmers
Need good graphics programmers for 3-d
need good AI programmers
i will post more later.........

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What sorta game will this be?
What's it going to be about?
Is there a time frame?
Will this be released as freeware, etc?

You're just basically looking for people who might wish to volunteer to help you?

There are many programmers who are willing to do volunteer work on games, etc that will be distributed as open source or freeware, mainly to enrich their skills and add it to their resume. However, you have to give people a reason why it's in their best interests to donate their time and energy into this endeavor.

well i didnt have time before it will be freeware as long as all the volunteers wish not to be paid. i myself do not care for profit, but the game would be so demanding that some may wish to sell it instead of give it away. if we finish and make a multiplayer that would cost money to support servers.

Time Frame: depends on how many people join the project.

Game: rpg, d&d style game with spells and all the other stuff which is why it would be demanding.

Game(2): the game would have 3 sections single player custom- a bunch of random quest
Single player story- would take story line from my book (i am currently writing)
multiplayer- if game is finished a multiplayer which would be updated with new things would be available to play people in a rpg game all around the world.

wow, ambitious guy ain't ya? ;) :)

guess so seeing this would be my first game, and im writing a book, and thinking of making a movie of my book. but the more people that help the more that can get done (except the book)

gosh, to be 14 again - with your moxie Thamior!!! :-)

which definition do you mean courage? cause i dont have any skill yet...............

Ooh, creating a game. I think I've gone through the urge of creating "the game" multiple times, especially when I was younger (around 14-16). You have no idea how many times my friends and I have attempted to start a game. We would get all psyched up. We would be energetic and ready to dive into the project, but unfortunately all that energy lasted about a week then it just faded. People had other things to do and were turned off. (Probably because they didn't see quick results or the realization of what was needed to create a game and how long it would take kicked in.)

Now, I'm not saying you're not capable of creating a game. I don't know anything about you, so I really can't judge. But let me give you some tips that I've learned from my mistakes (on creating a game/recruiting people).

1. Know what you're doing. At least be really good at one aspect of creating a game, whether it's graphics programming, AI, or any other protocol. Even if you're an expert musician, or animator or graphic designer, you have to show some competence in something. This is so when you tell people about your idea of creating a game, they can see that you have some potential. Just having the energy to create a game is not enough.

2. If you plan on creating a game with a team of programmers, at least have a few games (that you did) under your belt. Even if it's a simple Tetris or Pong game. This will give you an idea of what it takes to make a game and if you're trying to recruit people, it shows that you at least have experience with game creation.

3. Have a rough plan of your game. Sketch out ideas. Maybe a storyboard. Be somewhat specific about what you're trying to accomplish. Just saying I want to create some "cool game with 3d stuff" will definitely be a turnoff.

4. If you can try to write a simple version of the game. Whether it's in Darkbasic (http://www.darkbasic.com) or even Flash or Director. People will see a simplified version (simple prototype) of your game and might think it has potential.

5. When recruiting, never reveal your true age! Or even sex if you're never going to see them one on one. You might be a genius or the best programmer in the world, but right of the bat, me thinking you're only 14 can hinder that. This goes for anything, not just recruiting people for a game. People can really question how much you know according to your age. I know this is unfortunate, but it's the truth. I've gone through it a few times as well as other people I know.

Well, those are some things to think about. Some things I never did back in High School when I wanted to recruit people for a game I had in mind. I know there's other things to think about it, but that's all I can think of at the moment. If you want great resources, check out:


I suggest you become a member of the Game Developer Magazine. They got good resources there. http://www.gdmag.com/homepage.htm

Good luck!

well i have it all outlined what it will be like and the part that has a story already has a story to follow. as for parto f th tema i hope to do everything (programming when i learn c++ and c# ) i know that not having a few games under my belt hurts the odds but i still think i can get it done (besides whats better than having a really awsome game as your first, right? lol)

Well, I think you should try creating a few games by yourself first. Even though they turn out crappy. This will give you a feel of how much effort there needs to be put in a game. One thing is knowing how much effort is needed and WHAT is needed. The other is actually doing it and completing it. Here, check out this article:


Alternatively you could use a prexsiting game engine and simply map and model out all the game. Much quicker!

Roberdin, just checked out your site. Nice. One thing though, I don't know if you knew already, that that link you have from your main logo image "web design redesigned" takes you to a 404 page. More exactly to: http://www.roberdin.com/index.php?

... No it doesn't.
Which link do you mean?

Edit: Oh yeah... thanks!
Fixing it now.

Well I never use that, just for admins who can't be bothered to setup Outlook to collect e-mails off my server.

nice site Roberdin


Check the EMH in Sickbay, he's our Forum AI.

something tells me that aeinstein has already had his fair share of forum AIs ;)

I better get my act together and setup some sort of forum. It seems that everyone is doing it nowadays. ;) If I do set one up, I'll probably create it myself. It won't have all the same features as the popular ones, but just to say I did it from scratch. Heck, I might do it in Flash... hehe... that will be the day. =)

i dunno, Alice could be kinda funny at times! granted most of the time she was definitely a blonde's blonde tho! ;)

Haha. Yeah, I remember modifying a few Alice posts... could you tell? ;)

ROFLMBO!!! one in particular stands out ... something about virues, or lack there of! ;)

Which one?

the ah, promiscuous Alice post

I still don't know which one. I think I modified a few of them. Maybe you got a link. I just read what I wrote a while back and laughed my ass off.

Some of Alice's posts got a lil too naughty and I decided they didn't belong on a public computer tech forum, so I deleted them - this one included.


Well,I'm interested in making a game.These are my targets:
1.The game will be an RPG one.
2.There will be maximum 5 characters-no mules.
3.There will not be an option for muiltiplayer gaming.
4.I want to spend a maximum of 6 months in that game-which will be 3d obviously.
Now,I'm stuck here.I know c++,javascript,html and made some 2d games.I would like to get to talk to my brother ( who has friends in the csc department ) and get 4 assistant programmers.I will be the lead programmer.I need 2/3 designers but I don't know how to get a good designer.I don't even know how to find a publisher?If I get a chance,I might make that game available online and inform people about 'em.The problem is,how to talk with people and how to get them together.How to get them together if I am not going to disclose my identity.I'm pretty sure about the popularity for some reason.I want to publish the game later in compact discs and earn some bucks but the problem is,again,how to find people and how to talk with them? :eek:

well, well, well... another rush.. And I am there.. ok.. Well, although all of my previous game rushes failed.. (Most often we didn't even get past the loaders..) I'll join in. As inscissor had pointed out we (I am 15) are now at that age where anything seems to be possible.
I'd love to help as a designer or programmer as long as the chunk of work seems feasible... Although I am very eager I had one too many bad experiences with projects to big for my group to do...
Here are some questions:
1. What graphic libs are we using (GL vs. Dirext3d). I prefer Gl + glut)
2. What models are we using? .obj would be the easiest but they are slow and big (memory wise).
3. Are we using NURBs polygons?
4. What are we using to design our models? A.K.A Maya, Blender, 3dStudio, etc.
5. Are we using C++ strict, C strict both?
6. Are we writing our code in form of classes?
7. What about sound (open sound libs?, what sort of files? .wav, mp3, etc. ?)
8. How are we making our AI?
9. Will we attempt to optimize graphic buffers by not drawing unseen stuff? How?
10. Hit testing? (Spherical, square, progressive square optimized)
11. If network then what libs (winsock?)
12. Scripting action?
13. Shall we write our own interpreter so that our engine reads the code to be interpreted and then makes the play or do you wish all of the code to be precompiled in one gigantic executable + graphics + sound + text files (no running scripts of our own?).
14. Are we going to use other people's engines? are we going to use other people's engine principles?

Ok.. that is about all of my questions...
Good luck,
P.S.: email me if you wish me to join at ivalmianski@yahoo.com or if you'll catch me aim me at ivalmian . Although you may find it hard since I am usually not logged on.
P.P.S.: I hope I may be of some help...................................
P.P.P.S.: I will have much more free time after December 13th since that is when my internship is over.. although I still have some free time now...

Find people by posting.. spamming sometimes helps (I did not just say that)... talk by aim and email.. make a private forum. It is quite easy using php, even from scratch. why are you so timid about your identity.. it is not like some computer geek (we all are) is going to get you.

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