I think the wrox site is built pretty poorly and it's very disappointing because they write books about fixing these types of things. Everytime I visit the site, I always get some sort of error... strange. It's still one of my favorite publishers, besides Sams.

well, i guess mis-recongition is better than none - well, i think!!! ;) yeah, i dont really care for it myself... consiidering there known for that color i guess they dont have much of a choice on the color scheme, but well, it seems, well, not quite amatuerish, but not quite professional either. must say i do like a pub that posts errata.

Well, I was referring to the programming on the backend side. :) Everytime I browse that site I get random errors. Oh, and yes, the design is not very tasty either. ;)

how's that elephant & 3 blind men joke go? something about a tree trunk, a wall & a snake? guess we all have different perspectives! ;)

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