I have a table which contains InvNo,product,............
Another table 'Product' contains Type,subtype,....,InvNo
I have form which has Datagridview and textboxes

I want to what,
when i go to 1st record (InvNo=101),the datagridview should display how many product which has InvNo=101.
How can i bind Datagridview to currencyManager??
Plz help me.............

This is my code of binding
cmd = New OleDbCommand("select srNo from PurchaseProduct where InvNo=1")
'dtProduct = New DataTable
'dtProduct = ob.getDataTable(cmd)
'DataGridView1.DataSource = dtProduct
'DataGridView1.DataBindings.Add("DataMember", dtProduct, "srNo")
'cm1 = CType(Me.BindingContext(dtProduct), CurrencyManager)

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try the following string command:

select srNo from PurchaseProduct Inner Join Invoice ON Invoice.InvNo = PurchaseProduct.InvNo where InvNo=101

This will combine the two tables then just add what columns u need after SELECT.

you have to show whole detail of your table like all columns then any one can help becuouse i dont khow which data u needed from which table

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