Dear Sir,
I need information about store procedure in SQL and how can i access textbox values into store procedure.

and connection string for remote server (sql server 2005 installed on server)



These sites will show you how to use SQL server and Stored Procedures:

This Site will show you how to connect:

To put values in to textboxes it is the same as if you had created the SQL query on the fly:

Dim mCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand
 with mCommand
    .CommandText = "MyProcedureName" 'instead of "SELECT * From MyTable etc.
    .CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure 'Instead of Text
    'if I want to pass data in use parameters
    .Parameters.AddWithValue("@MyParam", Value)
 end with
 textbox1.text = mCommand.ExecuteScalar() 'assuming a scalar value is returned
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