hello please help me on this i have txtaddress.text . it can accept number only in the beggining but not in the last i dont know how to trap in the last ...and also it will not accept special character specially the period sign..example....

this is okey...23street complexsub division

example for not okey...

street complex sub division 23 'number in last
street complex sub division 23... 'there is last period sign
str@@#### 'pound sign
,,,,,,'comma sign

please help me how to trap on this
hoping for your positive responds.

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hello please help me do you have some list of the asccii or the value of the special character...because i have textfield name txtname.text and then i have many If statement to use, i want to use this in case statement not in if statement because this is to long to trap .....

please also give me some list of all trappings.hoping for your positive responds....


Not quite sure what you are asking but for ascii codes you can look on the web with your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) or in vb's help file on the index tab by typeing in ascii

Good Luck

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