Dear Freinds i want to show mulitple rows of sql server in which bill_no are same to show in datagrid view when i want to edit anything in data
and i show the data in datagrid view with the help of bill_no

but when i search the data by bill no its show only one row and not show other row with same bill no so please help me

my coding is

For abc = 0 To DataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1 
Dim mydataa = From z In edtpur.purchaseitems Select z _ 
Where z.bill_no = Val(ComboBox1.Text) 
DataGridView1.Rows(abc).Cells(0).Value = mydataa.FirstOrDefault.s_no 
DataGridView1.Rows(abc).Cells(1).Value = mydataa.FirstOrDefault.item_name