I'm writing a small search tool that searches a SQL Server database using Full Text Indexing.

I have two text boxes with four radio buttons between (NEAR, OR, AND, AND NOT)
Ex. CONTAINSTABLE(jobs, *, ‘computer NEAR California’)

This works fine but if I start adding more text boxes\radio buttons (As pictured in attachment) this starts to get messy...

I need to display or represent brackets to allow correct searching:
Ex. CONTAINSTABLE(jobs, *, ‘computer NEAR California’ OR ‘drive NEAR building’)

Any ideas on a simple way to modify the form to encompass this?


how about getting rid of the radioButtons at all and use a comboBox instead? then you could add this control behind the textbox.

So replace the four radio buttons with a combo containing the four options? What do you mean behind the textbox?

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