please help me..
here's another one..
2 dimensional array program that computes the sum of data in columns and sum of data in rows. 3x3 array variable. please help me..

Help you do what?? Instead of begging people to do your homework for you why don't you try to do it yourself, post what you have tried, and then ask specific questions about what you don't understand.

If you can't do this, almost without thinking, then it's time you learned how. Really, this is the most basic logic and syntax to learn, after "Hello World".

Get in there! ;)

Anybody who'd do it for you, is doing you NO favors.

Small hint if you are totally stuck ...
Use for loops

My personal advise is first try to sum up all the values in an array, then go for higher dimensions

Dim Money(4,5) As iteger
For row=0 to 4
For Col =0to5
Dim high As integer
If money(row,col)>High Then

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