hie !
i am using vb 6 front end nd oracle 9i bk end ...
Prob: can we on execute two diff commands (the data environment one's) on the same data report ,instead of using 2 data reports for the 2 diff commands ????(please help wit this)
and one more query : can we add another detail section in the data report ? If yes how?

thanx , in advance...

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Please read our posting rules HERE. We do not allow the hijacking of other members posts, especially if they are as old as 2007.

You are a new member, so we will oversee this. Please open your own thread and we will try and post a solution for you.:)

Also, with the infirmation given, there is no way we can help you. What database, what crystal report version, what fields need to be called, what code do you have thus far etc...?;)

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