Hey Guys,

First of all, any help on this would be very much appreciated!

Ok so. Every year my friends try and get ballot tokens to falls festival but we fail and have to buy them off ebay. I don't want to do that again so I'm trying to create a script to register heaps of e-mails.

I'll probably buy 200 or so email accounts but I need help writing the script. I've studied an intro to .net at uni so I have some knowledge but we never did anything like this so I'm having difficulty. I've scoured the web but nothing has seemed to work.

Here's the website: http://www.showclix.com/presale/11366

The code I have thus far is:

Dim IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

        IE.Visible = True

        IE.Document.Forms.All("email").Value = "Me"
        IE.Document.Forms.All("first_name").Value = "Me"

Basically what I'm after is. Once I click a button,
IE opens to the falls registration page
Script chooses an email from a list (I'm guessing once I've bought the emails I'll copy them into a text file - being the easiest method to integrate with the script?)
Script enters data into each field/drop down list
Submit form.

Each time the button is clicked the next email in the list should be chosen
Each time the button is clicked the first name and last name fields will change as well to a random name from a list...
And the form is submitted again.

I think I should be right to get the script to call names from text files but I really need help with getting the script to be able to enter data into fields. I've had difficulty finding the names of fields and setting values in drop down lists.

Any help or direction that is given is most certainly appreciated! I'm so sick of paying $200 for a fricken token lol!
Thanks :)

What you're talking about is a form of nuking, and it's illegal.
And randomly creating multiple names for registration purposes is fraud, and it's illegal.

You just have to take your chances like everyone else.

Jesus christ, lucky I didn't do it.

Thanks for the tip pal...I won't be trying this out anymore.


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