anyone knows where i can DL it??...i just prefer video tutorials than ebooks..hehe

Let me introduce myself, I'm a... whopps wrong song here at the moment but let me intoduce you to your new best friends. They are yahoo, google, ask, answers, and bing. Now these guys will work tirelessly for you but they can be pretty dumb. So if you only want results for visual basice 6.0 you can either use vb6 or as part of your search criteria but I will suggest to only use vb6 because there are a lot of sites out there that started with vb6 and then went to .net. So if you did a you would miss some really good results. So now that I have introduced you to your new best friends, its time you pick one or more of them and go out and search for vb6 tutorial and since you want video tutorials, I would suggest vb6 video tutorial. You should find a couple on youtube...

Good Luck

I have nothing to say.:)

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