Anyone know how to implement a timer code? What do i have to do in order to implement a timer? And the timer is one minute and then the vb program continues.

thank you so much.

Here is one example of Timer code.

Private Sub tmrClock_Timer()
lblClock.Caption = Format(Date, "MMMM DD, YYYY") & vbNewLine & Time
End Sub

Set the interval to 1000 so that your task iss performed every second.
Hope this helps

try this

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
      Text1.Text = Time
End Sub

set the interval = 1000

Kin and Abu are talking about using the intrinsic timer control and not the SetTimeEvent API. Also, their values of 1000 to set its interval property, well it only equals 1 second. If you want one minute like you originally said, you will need to set its interval to 60000...

Good Luck

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